Welcome to Vejle

International citizens in Vejle can find all sorts of valuable information about living in Vejle at welcome to Vejle page - please visit it for more about living, studying and registering in Vejle. 

Here you will also find practical information regarding your Danish classes at our school, Sprogcenter Vejle.


Welcome to Vejle - learn Danish

Vejle Language School

Sprogcenter Vejle is a public language school that offers free Danish language courses for adult immigrants in Denmark.

Our Language Centre has daytime and evening courses.

The education programme is divided into three levels

Danish course 1 is primarily for students with no or little educational background
Danish course 2 is primarily for students with a short educational background and
Danish course 3 is for students with longer than 12 years of educational background. 

Each Danish course is divided into six modules. Each module is finished with a so-called module test, placing the student to the next module.

All three Danish courses can be concluded at the language centre with a state-controlled exam the so-called Prøve i Dansk 1, 2 or 3.

The language centre accepts all immigrants once they have been granted a Danish civil registration number (CPR), have reached 18 years of age, and have been referred to our school by their municipality of residence (Jobcenter).

The courses are free of charge for students.

The teaching is organised in a flexible and individual manner, and planning of curriculum takes place in close collaboration with each student. Course participants are expected to take considerable responsibility for their own learning, and only three years are allowed in order to pass one of the Danish examinations.

The language centre also offers customised courses for specific target groups.


See more about the formal guidelines regarding the Danish course on the website of the Ministry of Integration or New to Denmark